June 10, 2013

My brain totally congested, kid.

Monday 1807 hours.

- Last exam ever.
It's a fine day on Monday. Left one day for me for the real battle ( Examination of Malaysia Nursing Board ). To keep live or die, I left with no more option. Ready or not, the day was come finally for 3 years I've been study about medical and care of human body. I was not prepared too much for this and I was going through the severe anxiety of stage right now. Pimples are obviously shown in my face and I can't sleep well and most of the time I can't control my emotion. Jumping, shouting, singing with screaming voice, and et cetera ; I notice this happen to me for this 3 days lately. Somehow, knowing the fact that I gonna leave this place ; my fucking crazy mates, home, college, and everything - I was happy, though but part of me says that finally its over but I won't put the dots mark there. Perhaps some of my sensory system says I don't want it end yet. Life with your own, being independently making decision, do everything by my own without burdening anyone in my way ; I only can have all this HERE. My fickle heart said I was fool. The fact is I just want to run from them. Far away from them so I could give a space for myself because I never feel myself is belong to me. How selfish and retard I could be. Pardon me, dear family.

- Farewell night.
Throwing back the last Friday night, it was freaking damn memorable farewell gathering ever. I'm so into our performance for that night so I won't concentrate too much on my revision and I was regret it now. *ultimate face-palm* It was really exited, though. We gonna leave each other soon so we really give the best at that night. My house was perform a simple action and some video and song. # Told you we really into it ! Surprisingly, they was totally blow off with out performance on that night and I was glad because the effort is worth at the end of it. I was thought that they will just gave plain applause but somehow I could see some of them was cried even the lecturer and tutors ! Thank God,  we did it even there is some technical error. Pfffttt.

- Facebook notification tsunami.
The day after that night, my notification was flooded with pictures, comments, tagging, and et cetera. Mates, you guys totally hang over from that night. You guys are truly the best classmate ever ! Going to miss you soon. Sorry for being lost on social network because somehow I was tired to face the book with white and blue color everyday so I was deactivated my account.

- New obsession.
I was accidentally found awe song on utube. It left me totally speechless when I listen to it. The lyrics so beautiful and I was totally in mutism. I hate when I found something that could relate me so well because I really gonna into it and hell, I was download this song and listen it for one whole day. Sometimes, my behavior totally freak me out and I really have no idea what actually happen with my body system. What happen when you never understand your own thought and sometimes you feel like you are really best at dream on something ? - Psychosis.

Thing-on-the-run for this june !
1. Malaysian Nursing board exam.
2. Trip to Perlis with Sarawak buddy.
3. Going back to land-below-wind.

I need rooftop, polaroid camera and money ! Vavi betul lah.

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