February 19, 2013

two thousand and thirteen.

It has been so long I didn't write anything here. I don't know why, ask me nothing. For the past few month, I mean last year I've been work part-time at McDonalds as I need extra bucks for my monthly expenses and tadaaa I managed worked there almost 5 month if I'm not mistaken but finally I resigned because some shitty things happen that I don't need to mention here. Then when school start, I quit my job and no more red uniform with fake smile but hell yeah, also no more payday for me.

It already February now and we almost one month and a half live in this new year. For me so far things happen on this early year that I've been through is really awesome. Despite thousands of assignment and other problem that make me so suffocating and feel like wanna die, I let it go all with my scream voice on PARAMORE concert last two days. It really worth enough for me guys. I didn't care how much I spent for but it obviously like wildest dream come true. At the moment I know this awesome band until it become my passionate today; I'd really hope I can see them in front of my eyes and right after I see the advertisement on Facebook, I think nothing of it and I decided to bought the Rock zone ticket and credit to Brenlynn, my classmate a sarawakian girl and I found she was a good friend because of her willingness to accompanied me to the concert. Guess what guys, PARAMORE really burn the night and we really enjoy to the fullest. Apologized me for not sharing any picture here but I guess you can see the high quality image here ----> http://paramore-music.com/index.php/2013-tour-kuala-lumpur-malaysia/

I guess wake up at the next morning with aches and sick voice is really worth. Seeing them perform at Stadium Negara completely blew me away and I still hangover from that concert. I dont' know what else to say. ok goodnight.

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