February 12, 2012

What made your day ?

Here we are, again on free Sunday. How your day guys ? I've nothing special to tell you about. Yesterday I'm going crazy and take a nap at 6 am. Updating blogs template is like an hell for me since I'm not preety expert on those HTML codes stuff. So, I took a very long time to work on it but nothing I can impress about. Yesterday was superpinkblog, and today I change again to a supersimplewhite. But i do i do i do i do LIKE IT :D

Sometimes it such a damn thing when people can laugh out loud but you cant laugh a bit even you force to give the sincere smile its too hard. you become stone and statue in there. Forever a statue. So at last, you wear the fake big smile just too pleasure them.  Hypocrite is sometimes good for plead someone for no heart is hurt by your ignorance. 

Wasting time on blog, scrolling milions songs in youtube, tumblering for one whole day. I don't know, recently i felt that Facebook the most bored social network at the moment. Maybe before this I spent time too long in there and keep refreshing nonstop for 24 hours looking at stupid status kinda makes you feel tired at last. 

We said we tire; but still it will be an addiction soon. There many things in world you wish not get involved with it but the truth you're the one who start the thing. it seems like the TRUTH NEVER SET US FREE. 

Life is moron; we said we hate it but still we insist to going through the same situation again for some reason like afraid of new things. But believe in your own heart that one day you'll be the different person too. Despite all the changes that you've to accept now, just try to get adapt with that; perhaps. 

For you to know, I'm used to be with this constant pain. 
So don't ever bother me anymore since 
ignorance is your new bestfriend :)

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