February 5, 2012

What the feeling ?

hi again on midnight. I cant sleep even I try hard to closed my eyes, still I cant. So I decided to type some entry for today. Today was a tired day but not much so tired compared than stand for one whole days in ward. That irritating me since my eyes so fresh but my friends already off to their dreamland. 

I'm so exited with my new stuff that I bought this evening on Leisure Mall using the free voucher from goverment. 200 bucks for books and stationary. Can you imagine that? I wonder why they so generous to give all students 200 bucks voucher since I think it cost them a lot. What to think ? I lost nothing since I enjoyed very much shopping at the bookstore and the it free of charge. I bought a new headphone, cooler pad for my lappy, some stationary and of course comix. But I did not spend all the voucher and left 100 bucks more for my nursing books. After all, I so satisfied today and having a little pleasant with my housemates; I'm happy inside :)

Currently I was listening to Coldplay. Never though that most of their song is awesome and taken my heart away. I fall in love easily with them and I think the lyrics can blew you away. I did not know what feeling I have now. Its like a new type sense of emotion. I suddenly wants to cry when I heard to THE SCIENTIST song on Utube. I have no idea where the uncalmed feeling coming from but it strange feelings and I'm so piss off since I have become the diffirent me for a moment. 

I feel like my life is full with pretending. Act like I'm though and I did not need others in my life since I good in being alone. Such an arrogant, huh ! It hurts when you see others is happy with their love ones and you just stood on the other side but in your head is full with eagerness to know what the feeling belongs to someone?
what the feeling to have someone to hold when you hopes is starts to fade ? What the feeling to have someone that will be there to cherish you whenever you feel how cruel the world could be to yoursef ?

what the feelings.
I wonder what. 


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