December 12, 2011

Blast Semester Break.

Fifth day in Tawau.
After a hard time for this semester, here it is. The ending always like this. Struggling so bitter then luckily saved from repeat paper and finally a few weeks in hometown. Tawau not have much diffirent since I left on last sepetember. The only thing change here is my youngest brother gettin grow up now. Big bad boy. urghhh. 

Wasting money and time in Tawau town's is one thing I must do. Hang out around and  wondering how small my hometown compare than Kuala Lumpur, but yet I still miss this place all the way long. Hot atmosphere and sometimes mister raindrop come heavily is common thing in Tawau. Unpredictable weather i thought. 
Typing this entry and read it over and over again before typing again makes me realise how lame and sucks my English. hell, yeah. I dont care with the grammer things. As long people understand, it's enough.

Goshh. I want to tell something. I just came back from town with Mum. Walking through a row of shops, I'd see someone smile at me from far. I cant recognise his face but then he greet my Mum and only then I could remember him. Arghhhh ! It was like my heart is stop beating for a while. Its has been a long time I didnt see him as we keep buzy with our own things. Plus, I was not too closed with him. Frankly speaking, he quit handsome boy now as his hair is turn to new style. I guess tonight I can not sleep well. hihihihihihi.

I hope the time would pass slowly as I dont prepare yet for new semester. One more thing, I hate GOODBYE.

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