June 10, 2012

10 things before I die.

It has been so long I leave all the social network since I start to get bored with that stuff plus I was so busy with my posting schedule. This week gonna be the last tired week in year 2 and I'll have 2 weeks more for holiday but I did not fly to my hometown because I want to save some money for Eid on August . I really hope that there will be promo price for the ticket since I still can't afford to book it now even for one-way ticket only. dem, I just wish if I could have wings on my back. 

I have nothing to tell you more. No passion word for today because I just exhausted from any of idea for now. Somehow this much lately, I keep think about things I really wanna do before I die. We have nothing to fear for death. It absolutely-always-will- come for us soon. So, just live the life and smile :)

1. Good career and financial. 
2. Travelling.
3. Publishing my own book and make a song. 
4. I can play at least one music instruments.
5. Real companion.
6. Soul-mate and two child. 
7. ???????????

Yeah, I stuck on the seventh and the rest. I just hope that I could do at least something that can made me smile before I close my eyes forever. What more we hope in this life ? 

Life, Carry on. 

nice song.

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