March 30, 2012

Pardon me,my friend.

Sudah sekaliannya begini
tersakit hati terpacul ayat jahanam dari mulut pedas
dan terkadang merasakan terlalu sukar untuk di pendam lagi
jadi aku hambur puas-puas kemudian pergi tinggalkan mereka.

suatu dulu kau selalu bilang yang persahabatan ini MAHAL.
itu yang dulu dan di setiap itu ada selingan yang mana slotnya cerita dua sahabat bercakar lagi
sudah penat, senyum lagi dan pulih-lah ia.
tapi itu DULU
dan asal kau tahu aku sudah penat
layan hipokrit kau dan cuak yang aku simpan
jadi kira-ku lebih baik aku yang diam dan jalan diam-diam
biarkan kau yang menang sebab bagi aku PERSAHABATAN ini lagi mahal dari defend diri-sendiri.

Dan kerana itu,
aku sudah simpan sangkaan awal-awal satu hari nanti persahabatan ini akan berserpihan
nah! itu-lah yang jadi bukan ?
aku tidak ambil peduli sama kau punya ayat sial yang bilang aku macam-macam
aku tidak ambil kisah berapa banyak kali kau mahu ludah aku
atau gelar aku apa-pun sepertinya
tapi sedih dan kasihan
melihat kau terlalu naif pertahankan diri sampai setiap ayat yang aku bagi
kau putar 360 darjah.
tapi ketahui-lah, untuk bangkang kau dan susun hujah atau buka kembali buku hari-hari semalam
berapa banyak budi aku tabur sama kau


aku minta jika di suatu hari nanti
cuba faham dan khatam sifat orang lain.
dan diam memahaminya.
sebab dalam dunia ramai orang bisa lihat dan kritik
tapi yang bisa lihat dan diam;
1 nisbah 1000.
dan dari 4 angka itu KAU salahsatunya.

farewell and goodbye my friend. It wasn't your fault and neither me. So, I guess to keep silent is good for us to estimate this FAKE friendship.


  1. no one want to lose a friendship.neither them or u.and i know your friendship is not FAKE.its just some misunderstanding.and it can be solve.but why give up in this should fight for it.and please fight for it.

  2. what am i suppose to say? we end it everytime like this and a tired with this bullshit. frankly speak, i do love our friendship. but if i the one that always be the person to blamed for everything, i rather let it go. Maybe alone is good or perhaps they would happy without my existance in their friendship. thanx for being care stranger.

  3. i may not know the story, but for sure they wont be happy without you. and i know you feel the same. come on girl. there is always a better way. find it.

  4. the friendship still there and wont vanish in a split of second only because of little ignorance. thats your word.

  5. look, whoever is you, just listen here, i am not saying that i want the friendship is went over. but for me, i think TIME could be the saviour now instead off i talk to her and act like nothing happens. i dont like in that situation coz i feel like i kinda bullshittin on myself. i do apologize her or them or whatever but to back like the old time, it too hard for me. we always end up like this and i felt that we're acting like a childish. so maybe this is the best way for us. beside, i think we're better like this. i have my own life and same goes with her. if two bestfriend is always misunderstanding on small stuff and start to curse each other, is that still call a BESTFRIEND ? LOL. we still don't know what the meaning of that like we suppose to know. btw, do i know u ? I am sooo eager to know who are you.

  6. well,take your time as much as u need.but never let go this friendship.u will needed each other in a certain time.and try to understand in each other.improve it to be better.i am just an anonymous.i have same situation with you.and the decision,the most thing i regret is i made the wrong decision.i am sorry if i make u uncomfortable.

  7. feel sorry for you my friend. Maybe I the one who should blame for all this because there is the time i cant get along with people in my surrounding and i start to create a wall between me and the people. I admit it my fault also to be so nasty with my own besties but what to do? it was the real me and I cant change it.Today, i throw my ego and i take decision to unblock her from my fb list. but looking at her one status, it hurt me too bad,dude. but i say it's ok because i deserve for that,isn'it?? the anger is no longer there but there is one strong feeling tell me that we are not meant to be a goodfriend:(

  8. oh ya! forget to tell you. no need to apologized my friend. u didnt make me feel uncomfortable at all but it really a pleasure to tell you everything since we don't know each other. thanks for listen me up :)

  9. believe me.u will together back and get along.and i hope u keep try.i am looking forward to that.

  10. God's will my friend. i hope also the same for you.

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  12. tengs ;) i understand.. this friendship maybe can't be like the old one like you say.. i accept it.. beside, we already get our own way and life.. it's my fault.. sorry :) anyway, sorry for all the bad thing.. and thank you for all you deeds towards me.. may Allah bless you friend..

    baru tebaca entry ni..

    1. nope, its nothing to apologize.No one should be blame perhaps we should give space to each of us to measure our friendship all this while. lets just take it easy and stay happy :) After all, the world so small and someday we still looking for each other.

    2. Hi i said u will back together..hope this friendships last forever..