August 13, 2011

i always do.

oh. i just cant wait for the hug waiting for me 
upon my jump to her arms.
there in my home when i come back
like i always do.

will definitely throw all the bags to floor, watching you
watch me unharmed.
and listen to every single question.
like you always do.

filled my hunger with your cooks
and nonstop praising on it
rice and fried fish : the most simple dishes
somehow it was the most delicious i ever ate
the fact i'm not filled my hunger
but i'm pay all the empty
all the days that
without u by my side
watching me cry 
watching me laugh instantly
oh. how i miss u so much.

this year.
this coming Eid. 
i wonder how it would be. 
sister is joining us this year
and me and anif will be back soon
i wonder how would u feel.
watching all your child has grew up.
again. the jokes and laugh makes our days.
like the old time.
like our childhood in the past.
u still with rotan in hands
and high voices all the time
and keep nagging all day long . 
oh. how i miss that time.
even i wont feel ur rotan again
i still want the memory is repeating.
but we cant.
no preview button in life.
it doesnt exist at all
but no worries
we still have the memory to remember back. 

we are complete as a whole family.
celebrating the Eid's this year
i think will be the most precious memory
that we ever capture
since so many years sister abandoning us 
for the sake of our family
i beg ur pardon 
forgive her. 
she is only young girl on that time
try her luck in big town 
maybe she a bit slipped on her way
hold her back mum
as we can return the smile that we've lost 
i love you and the rest eternally.
until this breath is taken away.
i still loves all of u .