October 3, 2011

let heart speaks .

i called mak just now
but she didnt pick up the phone
i call again 
at last I gives up
serioulsy, this time i need her support
at least her voice
i need her hugs ; for sure
i really damn need it

sometimes . . . . . .

she text me just now
the person i hate most
but third person i loved in my life
my sister.
she change. 
that what she told me
perhaps its true
perhaps it just a beutiful lie
but i never give up on her
all the things i want is
to see happiness in her life.
that's it.


sometimes, i feel that life so empty 
i got no direction 
i hold to the path that i choose
but i became a person with heartless
i felt that i'm not fix with all this
the most bastard word that i hate
but it always in myself.

it really hurt .
really hurt when you stuck on something.
left or right
up or down
you cannot move
so you just stay there
and stand in the damn crowded
it makes me drowned
and so pathetic.

suddenly i felt all stress
comes and bite me now
who a good-acting and gain my trust.
fuck to all this things around me
i cannot hold down anymore
i just cant.
may Allah always bless my life.

easy to say dear 

but, no worries.
things will change isnt'it?
now or soon.
who knows.

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